21 May 2019, Tuesday, 23:09
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Independent Journalist: This Is Common Banditry By Authorities


The journalists filmed the pigeon feeding in the central square of Brest and got fined with $ 1,200.

Authorities continue to persecute independent journalists Aliaksandr Liauchuk and Milana Kharytonava. Judge of the Leninski district of Brest Dzmitry Shuryn charged the family of journalists with a new fine – 100 base units, or 2550 rubles, spring96.org reports.

This time, the journalists were tried for covering the protest against the construction of the battery plant. On November 18, police officers saw Liauchuk and Kharytonava working on Lenin Square during the traditional feeding of pigeons. This was sufficient to draw up a protocol under Part 2 of Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code of Belarus (illegal production and distribution of media products). The court convicted them, applying the maximum sanction under this article.

It should be noted, that the hearing itself took place on January 9. The journalists did not participate in it, because they see no reason to participate in this political farce.

– This is common banditry by the authorities. If earlier the racketeers beat out money from the people living here, then now the state is doing this, trying to shut us up in this way. But they will not succeed, the truth is on our side,” – Aliaksandr Liauchuk said.

Last year, Liauchuk and Kharytonava were tried six times each, their total fine was over $ 5,500.