25 April 2019, Thursday, 7:53
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Mahiliou Activist: Traffic Police Head Is Lying


Mahiliou residents are outraged by the condition of the roads.

In November 2018, activist Aliaksandr Khamratau complained to the regional traffic police about large road pits on the road in Mechnikau Lane and Krupskaya Street (this is not far from the gymnastics palace), Mahiliou Viasna writes.

According to him, the asphalt has been in poor condition for more than a year. There have been especially many problems with the pits in the warm season.

– Moreover, people have repeatedly been fined for by-passing these pits. I’ve written an appeal to the traffic police asking to help with the situation there, as they are authorized to punish the authorities in charge of the roads, – Khamratau says.

Mikhail Neumiarzhytski, head of the traffic police department at the Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee, wrote to the activist in response that the condition of the roadway in the specified location complied with the requirements of regulatory and technical acts. According to him, this was confirmed by an on-site check in December 2018.

Neumiarzhytski proposed Khamratau to contact the road-bridge enterprise if he had found defects in the asphalt bed.

The activist did not accept such a response and decided to measure personally the depth of the pits that “meet the requirements of the acts”:

– I had some time, and I checked, whether everything is in keeping with the traffic police head’s words. It turned out that he had lied. There were pits with a depth of 10–13 centimeters and a width of half a meter, – Khamratau protests. He has taken photos of his measurements.

The activist appealed the traffic police head’s response in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Mahiliou regional executive committee.