21 April 2019, Sunday, 6:11
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Minsk Men With Children Under 7 Years Old rReturned To “List Of Parasites”

The “parasite commissions” have decided to expand their absurd base illegally.

The standing commission on “coordinating work in promoting employment” of Pershamaiski district of Minsk told about the work on the “parasite” base, BelTA writes.

They decided not to exclude one category of citizens from the list of those who pay for utilities according to “economically justified” tariffs (some of which are 5 times higher than the usual ones).

According to BelTA, the commission identified 170 women and 188 men with children under 7 years old and paying for utility services. “After a short discussion,” they decided not to exclude the men from the list, but “to carry out work to assist their employment.” That was explained by the fact that “it is impossible to determine on an automatic basis whether they are raising up children without their mother.”

As Radio Svaboda notes, this contradicts the decision of the Council of Ministers adopted on March 31, 2018. In paragraph 3, which lists citizens who are considered to be employed in the economy, there is such a sub-item:

“[Citizens are considered employed in the economy] if they are mother (stepmother) or father (stepfather), adoptive parent (s), guardian and those raising a child under the age of 7, a disabled child under the age of 18, three or more minor children.

The point is even given a clarification: it does not take into account only the children, whose parents are deprived of parental rights, who are brought up in foster families or orphanages.

A later resolution of the Council of Ministers dated December 8, 2018 makes some adjustments. It clarifies, among other things, the fact that when a “base of parasites” is formed or updated, information about children under 7 years old is also added if the child reaches 7 years of age in the half year for which the base is formed.

This means that information about people with children up to 7 years of age may be in the “base of parasites”, but then those responsible for the base need to designate this fact, since such people are considered to be engaged in the economy – “not parasites”. That is, with respect to them, there’s no need to “carry out work to promote employment,” and even to call them with questions about employment, they cannot be charged according to the increased communal tariffs.

None of the rulings discriminate on the basis of gender the parents in the matter of referring to “parasites,” there are no clarifications on the upbringing of children by one of the parents or both.

It seems that the March decree on the procedure of “listing as parasites” and later decisions do not entitle the “parasite commissions” to expand the categories of those “not employed in the economy” – unless the opposite is indicated in one of the points “for official use.”