21 April 2019, Sunday, 12:17
For our and your freedom!

Teachers Visit Apartments To Collect Information About “Parasites” In Vitsebsk


Such instructions discourage teachers from working in school.

Already in February, “parasites” will get communal bills for the apartments with increased tariffs. But has the “base of parasites,” who should get these “chain letters,” been formed? Apparently, not yet.

The door-to-door visiting of people who are considered “social dependents” is taking place now. Guess who is collecting this information? That's right, teachers!

A teacher of one of the Vitebsk schools, Volha (the respondent’s name has been changed at her request) and her mother Aliaksandra (the name of the woman has also been changed) have addressed the Vitsebsk Courier editorial office.

The women say that last week, the teachers were given a list of “parasites” with residential addresses and told to visit all of them and fill out a short form in the shortest possible time. The teacher should ask why the person does not work, where he was employed previously, if he works now, indicate the place of employment, explain why he is not looking for a new job, etc.

– Can you imagine that a defenseless woman, a teacher, has to go to an apartment, where a drinker may be living, or someone aggressive, or someone who has even been to prison, and, roughly speaking, to call him a“ parasite,” – Aliaksandra says. – What do you think his reaction will be? It is good that most of the people from the list are not at home, even on a day off. But such an answer does not work for the school, and the teachers are told to go to the addresses again. Yes indeed, the administration promised reward for this work, but life is more expensive, and there is no way to refuse if you want to continue working normally.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the teachers do not go there alone: some of them throw in their lot with a colleague, some of them ask their relatives or friends to accompany them.

Anything can happen. Moreover, the “visits” are to be done during the time free from work – in the evening or at weekends, when all people want to rest, and not to answer uncomfortable questions to God knows who. After all, the teachers are not given certificates or other documents explaining why the people should provide this information.

– There are teachers who come to work in school by vocation, who dreamed about this profession and enjoy the pleasure of communicating with children and the opportunity to give them knowledge. But such assignments discourage even the strongest desire to work in school further. It is a pity that those who give such orders do not understand this, – Volha concludes.