17 January 2021, Sunday, 14:54
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Minsk Residents Defended Asmolauka

Minsk Residents Defended Asmolauka

Now the houses in Asmolauka are under the protection of the Ministry of Culture.

Double-decker house in Asmolauka, for which the local residents have been fighting for several years, will not be modified.

This follows from the decision of the Ministry of Culture, which was published today at pravo.by.

Buildings in the area of Starsvilenskaya – Kisialiou – Bahdanovich – Chycheryn – Kuibyshau – Pashkevich – Kammunistychnaya streets – Masherau Avenue are taken under state protection.

According to the decree, Asmolauka is included in the zone of regulation of the development of historical and cultural values, and now it will be impossible to do the following here (we list the main things):

1) to build buildings above 220 meters on the Baltic system of heights (that is, on the level of the Baltic Sea);

2) to build extensions to the yellow two-storey buildings of Asmolauka in Chycheryn, Kisialiou, Kuibyshau and Kammunistychnaya streets;

3) to change the height, architectural design and decor of the facades of the two-story buildings;

4) to place industrial enterprises, transport and storage and other buildings that generate large cargo flows, pollute the air and water basins, are explosion and fire hazardous.

Thus, the construction in Asmolauka is not prohibited, but it is no longer possible to modify the yellow two-story buildings. If they follow the document of the Ministry of Culture, they must retain their authentic appearance. The decree comes into force 15 days after its official publication.

We remind that during the past years, there were discussions in Minsk about the future of Asmolauka: there were options from the demolition to giving the district a status of historical and cultural value. But last summer, the Architectural and Town Planning Council did not approve the project offering to demolish Asmolauka. The project was sent for revision. An international architectural competition to decide how Asmolauka will develop further is planned to be held.