27 May 2019, Monday, 7:55
For our and your freedom!

‘Basta!’: Welcome To Club, See You In Square


The army of “social parasites” is growing.

Herein, it is growing exclusively due to the insane greed of the officials. Yesterday, it seemed to the “parasitic commission” of the Pershamaiski district of Mins that the number of people who needed to pay for the communal and utility services under the increased tariffs wasn’t big enough, “Basta!” Telegram-channel writes.

The officials gathered, analyzed the database and found their mistake. “Persons with children under the age of 7 were identified. Among this category there were 170 women and 188 men who are payers for the housing and utility services,” said head of the commission Volha Vasileuskaya.

After a brief discussion, they decided not to exclude men from the list. The official does not hide the reason for such decision: “Sometimes it turns out that these men are actually employed in the economy, there are citizens working outside of Belarus, and some in the country”.

One doesn’t have to be a detective to understand the obvious fact. A huge part of the country's male population is forced to work illegally, both in Belarus and in Russia. It is impossible to feed the family in another way, especially if there are small children in it.

I wonder if their colleagues will follow the example of the officials from the Pershamaiski district? Or will they be smart and please us with their own new ideas?

As for the 188 men living in the Pershamaiski district, who officially became “parasites” yesterday: welcome to the club, see you in the Square.

Perhaps you have some more ideas on how to increase the number of people who hate Lukashenka and his greedy officials?