22 July 2019, Monday, 22:11
We are in the same boat

Traffic Police In Rechytsa Fine Driver For Failure To Give Way To Pedestrians Crossing Street Against Red Light


Resident of Rechytsa Kanstantsin Stsiapanau got into a strange situation.

Mr. Stsiapanau was driving under the green light, and was stopped by a traffic police officer, who issued an administrative violation protocol for not giving way to pedestrians. Two men crossed the road... against the red light, writes tut.by.

Kanstantsin posted a video taken by his registrar in the social networks. In the video, one can see that two men stepped on the roadway, when the lights to the driver went green, and to them, respectively, red. The pedestrians saw the car, stopped, the driver went on, but in a few meters he was stopped by a traffic police officer. According to Kanstantsin, the policeman told him that he had not given way to pedestrians at the road-crossing.

- I tried to prove that the pedestrians were walking against the red light, and I was driving under the green light, explained that I even had a video, but the traffic policeman just ignored all my explanations, and made a protocol for lot giving way to pedestrians. They fined me for 2 base fees (BYN 51 – edit.) I realized that it was useless to argue, I left - and decided to post a video on the Internet, in order someone would prompt me what to do next, - says Kanstantsin.

The very next day after publishing the video in the social networks, the driver received a call from the traffic police.

- They said they were studying the video. They will consider the abolition of the decision together with the prosecutor's office. I was told that I needed to drive up to them, but I hadn’t done that yet - I had no time, - the driver explained.