19 April 2019, Friday, 16:23
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Government Rules Which Children Should Be Considered Being In Socially Dangerous Position


Children in the socially dangerous position will be taken away from the parents.

In Belarus, it was decided how to correctly determine whether a child is in a socially dangerous position (SOP) or not. This is regulated by the decision of the Council of Ministers of January 15, 2019 # 22. The details are provided by the National Legal Internet Portal of Belarus.

If the parents do not satisfy the basic vital needs of a child, then the situation may be considered socially dangerous. For example, parents leave a child without food, impede their compulsory general basic education (in any form of receiving it), systematically disregard the recommendations of health workers for the diagnosis, treatment and (or) medical rehabilitation of the child and it threatens the child’s life and (or) health.

Also, the child may be in the SOP, if the parents do not watch their behavior and lifestyle, and the child commits offenses. If adults lead an immoral lifestyle, abuse their rights and (or) abuse a child and there is a danger to the child’s life and health, then the minor can also be recognized in the SOP.

The document regulates the work of government agencies and organizations in terms of identifying and recognizing children in the SOP. It has not yet been published and will enter into force on February 1, 2019. The decisions on the recognition of children in the SOP, which were made before, will be reviewed within six months.