19 April 2019, Friday, 0:34
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Belarusian Pensioners Struggles With Police For Justice


Is there a mafia in uniform in Baranavichy?

Pensioner Ivan Afanasik, beaten up by young “new” Belarusians in the village of Malaya Svarotva in Baranavichy district, could not get a fair trial, racyja.com reports.

The local policeman of the Baranavichy district police department, Lieutenant Vital Ramaniuk, has seen into the incident dishonestly and unprofessionally.

Everything was done to reduce the punishment of those responsible to the minimum, Ivan Afanasik says:

– Local policeman Ramaniuk came, and I tell him that one of them was holding, and another one – beating me. He tells me that the one who was holding, is not responsible. Moreover, the local policeman calls him Zhenia, and he also calls him by his name. According to Ivan Afanasik, such actions of people in uniform, when the perpetrators feel impunity and permissiveness, lead to new acts of hooliganism or criminal incidents.

Businessman Yauhen Myrlin, who beat up the pensioner, used physical violence not once.

Ivan Afanasik says:

– 4 people worked for him repairing the old school. He did not pay them, and beat up one of them as well.

Last August, local policeman Vital Ramaniuk forged protocols in the case of freelance journalist Tamara Shchapiotkina, for which he was punished. The head of the district department, Lieutenant Colonel Eduard Vilchkouski cover for him.

According to Afanasik, Vilchkouski cover for Ramaniuk in his case again. The pensioner complained to the region.