19 June 2019, Wednesday, 7:12
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Maksim Viniarski: I Am Sure That Hundreds Of Patriots Will Follow Mikhail Zhyzneuski’s Example


Belarusians have honored the memory of the hero of the Heavenly Hundred.

Today, about 50 people have arrived at the grave of the Belarusian Heavenly Hundred hero, Mikhail Zhyzneuski. Representatives of the Razam solidarity movement, the European Belarus civil campaign and other organizations that are members of the Belarusian National Congress, as well as activists from Homel and nearby towns were among them, Basta reports.

The memorial event began with the service, which was conducted by a priest of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. Then, democratic activists – Alena Talstaya, Maksim Viniarski, Uladzimir Katsora, Andrei Melnikau, and a representative of the Ukrainian diaspora, Valentina Logvina, – spoke in front of those gathered.


“We are holding a meeting in memory of Mikhail Zhyzneuski for the fifth time already. Representatives of various organizations have gathered here. Thank you all for taking the time to come to Mikhail’s grave. We must remember our heroes. The memory of them and the loyalty to the ideals of independence is what unites all patriots – regardless of which organizations we belong to,” – Alena Talstaya said.

“Mikhail Zhyzneuski died for the freedom of the Ukrainian people and for their right to choose their future. I personally knew him – we saw each other on the Maidan a few days before the tragic events. His main quality, which I noticed in those days, was the inability to stay away from important events. I am sure that if everything develops according to a similar scenario in Belarus, hundreds of Belarusian patriots will follow his example and will fight for the freedom of their country,” – Maksim Viniarski said.

“Figuratively speaking, people are divided into two types: the bees and the flies. Flies are one-day creatures, concerned only with their existence. Bees understand that the swarm is important, they are ready for self-sacrifice for its sake. Mikhail was exactly like that, he gave his life for the country, for the people,” – bard Andrei Melnikau said.