23 May 2019, Thursday, 11:24
For our and your freedom!

Brahin Dweller Cut “Parasite” Commission Down To Size

Uladzimir Tserametski demanded through the court to exclude his data from the database of “parasites.”

The permanently acting so-called Brahin “parasite” commission recognized local resident Uladzimir Tserametski as “employed” in the economy. He was informed about this by the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Security of the Homel Regional Executive Committee, Homel Spring writes.

“According to the information of the district executive committee, on January 8, 2019, you were recognized as engaged in the economy as producing crop production and animal husbandry on a land plot located in Brahin district,” – Piotr Shutsko, chairman of the labor committee of the Homel regional executive committee, wrote to the “not employed” man.

The point is that two weeks earlier, the same commission included the 52-year-old man in the so-called base of those “unemployed” and demanded to confirm employment in the economy. In response, he demanded not only to exclude him from the base of “parasites,” but also asked to check the updated decree for compliance with the Constitution.

“Two dozen officials of the so-called “parasite” commission had not checked the availability of land in the village before including me into the base of the “parasites.” I answered them that I would prove my rightness in court. As you see, it has worked!” – the man laughs.

In addition to the exclusion from the “parasite” base, Tserametski demanded to check the reanimated “parasite” decree for constitutionality. On this account, the labor committee has reminded the subjects authorized to appeal to the Constitutional Court, replying formally that “the regional executive committee is not empowered to assess the legality of the acts of the President and Council of Ministers or to make proposals for checking their constitutionality.

Leanid Sudalenka, a legal labor inspector at the REP independent trade union, who helped the man in building legal arguments, is satisfied with the development of events. “The country has lost another “not employed” “ parasite,” this is a plus. The downside is that the commission has no desire to deal with the decree on “parasites in court,” – the labor inspector said.

“Our legal position remains the same. Everyone, pays indirect taxes through the consumption of goods and services, therefore, participates in the economy. By making pay a higher communal fee, the government forces people to work, thereby violating our constitutional rights,” – the union lawyer is convinced.