23 April 2019, Tuesday, 16:04
For our and your freedom!

Viktar Marchyk: Most Belarusians Are Against Lukashenka


Belarusians need clear answers to their questions.

Representative of the Belarusian National Congress in Slonim Viktar Marchyk said this to the press-center of the BNC:

- There are enough people who could be candidates for the presidency of Belarus among the leaders of the BNC, Mikalai Statkevich is not the only one. I can name Uladzimir Niakliaeu and Henadz Fiadynich, for example. If there were proposals for their nomination, we would consider them. But as far as I can see, there were none.

I agree that most Belarusians are against Lukashenka, but we need to work with these people. With all segments of the population - with the intelligentsia, with the workers, with the peasants. We need clear answers for all of them. Someone finds independence and protection from the possible Russian aggression the most important, someone - the availability of jobs, the wage growth, and the solution of economic problems. A huge number of people are primarily concerned about the rise in prices and their personal well-being. We need them all.

The strength of the BNC is that completely different people are represented here, from various social groups, from different cities, they differ in thinking, age, and mindset. Nevertheless, we have one goal that unites us. The same goal - to build a strong free Belarus - unites all the people I spoke of.