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Media Draws Attention to Lukashenka’s Odd Behavior in Yerevan

Media Draws Attention to Lukashenka’s Odd Behavior in Yerevan

The dictator was late for the meeting, did nothing specific and left early.

On October 1, Yerevan hosted the EEU summit. Lukashenka arrived the night before. Thanks to the live broadcast held by the Armenian portal news.am, the welcoming ceremony at the airport was presented in details, kp.by writes.

The media note that Lukashenka wend down the airstair with obvious difficulty, which may indicate that the dictator has health problems.

The Belarusian Ambassador to Russia, a special representative for integration cooperation within the framework of the "union state" Uladzimir Semashka, was in the car together with Lukashenka. They headed to the meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan:

- Hello, dear," said Lukashenka, and answered the question "How are you?

Then a short meeting with the traditional exchange of courtesies was held:

- Belarus' policy towards Armenia will never change," Lukashenka assured.

- We have enough wisdom, courage and will to solve all the issues to develop friendship and brotherhood between our countries," the Prime Minister of Armenia stated.

The next day, the EEU summit was held. Pashinyan meets all the guests in the hall of his residence and takes them to the hall. Then the traditional ceremony of photographing follows. Before lunch, the Presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and the Prime Minister of Armenia met. After a brief opening speech, Pashinyan asked journalists to leave the conference hall. According to the press service of the ruler of Belarus, the issues of economic cooperation, financial policy, energy, main directions of international activity and development of cooperation with third countries were discussed.

While the leader of the summit delivered a welcoming speech, Lukashenka was talking to a woman in another part of the hall

After lunch, the President of Moldova, the President of Iran and the Prime Minister of Singapore as guests of honour joined the five heads of state. News.am broadcast the meeting live. The heads of states and their accompanying persons entered the hall and sat down at a round table. Members of delegations were behind. Uladzimir Makei and Uladzimir Semashka were standing in the "Belarusian sector". However, by the time Nikol Pashinyan started his welcoming speech, Lukashenka's chair was empty. At that time Lukashenka was standing on the other side of the room and talking to a woman in a beige jacket.

Lukashenka is talking to a woman (R), Pashinyan is delivering a welcoming speech (L). The chair is empty. A picture of news.am.

Pashinyan stopped talking for a moment and looked at the empty chair to his left - there was the sign "The Republic of Belarus". But he continued his speech. A few seconds later, Lukashenka took his seat. But before it, he approached Semashka and Makei standing behind.

Lukashenka takes his seat, although Pashinyan has been delivering his speech for almost a minute and a half. A picture of news.am.
A picture of the press service of the Prime Minister of Armenia.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka was the last to come to the signing ceremony

A slight hitch occurred during the signing ceremony of free trade agreements between EEU member states and Singapore. The protocol is as follows: heads of state are lined up in the second row, and representatives stand in front of them and sign the documents. When everybody lined up and everything was ready, Lukashenka was missing.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka's seat is empty at the signing ceremony. A picture of news.am.

However, just 15 seconds later, he took his place and the ceremony began. After the ceremony, all the participants applauded, while Lukashenka had time to talk to the President of Kazakhstan.

After the ceremony all the participants applauded, but Aliaksandr Lukashenka was talking to the President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev. A picture of news.am portal.

Lukashenka was absent at the conference on the transit potential of the Eurasian continent. He flew home

Within the framework of the summit, the guests were offered a conference on the transit potential of the Eurasian continent. Komsomolka's correspondents did not see Lukashenka there, his seat was empty.

Komsomolka's correspondents did not see Aliaksandr Lukashenka at the conference - his seat in the front row was empty. A picture of the news.am.

It turned out that Lukashenka and the delegation left the EEU summit. While Nikol Pashinyan was speaking at the conference, Boeing-767 had already left for Minsk. The reasons for such an unexpected departure of the Belarusian delegation are still unknown.

All the leaders are in a luxurious VIP minibus with neon lighting and Armenian numbers. A picture of news.am.
Selfie inside the minibus. Photo published on Mikol Pashinyan's Twitter.