6 May 2021, Thursday, 18:07
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Kremlin Will Try To Entrench "Steinmeier Formula" In Belarus

Kremlin Will Try To Entrench "Steinmeier Formula" In Belarus
Andrei Sannikov

Its adoption affects the independence of our country.

This is what Andrei Sannikov, leader of the European Belarus civil campaign, presidential candidate in 2010, has written on Facebook:

"And this is already dangerous for us.

The "Steinmeier formula", which did not exist, suddenly materialized in Minsk and was signed by all participants in the negotiations. They signed separate letters to the OSCE agreeing to the formula. It is especially important for the Kremlin that such letters were signed by terrorists from the LPR and DPR with the knowledge and consent of the Ukrainian side.

The Kremlin does not hide its satisfaction. Ukraine has found itself in a difficult situation. I sincerely wish the Ukrainians to find a solution and to lose neither the face nor territories.

This issue has also another dimension that concerns Belarus. In my opinion, the decision squeezed by the Kremlin is closely connected with the next "integration" attack of Moscow in our direction.

This is the same operation: coercion to integration. In the case of Ukraine - with the help of weapons. In the case of Belarus - without weapons, using the political and economic scarcity of the current regime. The clumsy lies of Lukashenka and his officials about the Russian plans only add confidence to Moscow. In fact, it's the same plan to restore the empire.

What is important here is not even how things really are after the adoption of the "Steinmeier formula", but the fact that the Kremlin considers it its victory, so it will do everything to "entrench" it not only in Ukraine, but also in Belarus.

In short, the adoption of the "Steinmeier formula" increases the risk to the independence of Belarus.