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Lukashenka Was Buddying Up With Clinton

Lukashenka Was Buddying Up With Clinton

The dictator's relationship with the White House heads clearly went sour.

Lukashenka has spoken about the American presidents again. And what kind of relations did he actually have with them? This is what udf.by reports about.

According to Aliaksandr Lukashenka, Bill Clinton, who headed the U.S. until 2001, is almost his friend. Ten years ago, the president of Belarus claimed that "even when he was no longer president, we were talking as friends".

This year, Lukashenka's stories have reached a new level. In spring, he said that Clinton is " a good friend, we are still in good relations with him". And last week, he amused everyone with a story about the proposal to the U.S. president to head the "union state".

In fact, it is impossible to prove the truthfulness of Lukashenka's words. He has seen Clinton only a few times and, apparently, in passing. The most famous moment of their communication took place at the OSCE summit in Istanbul in 1999. The following photograph proves this.

At that time Clinton was not going to communicate with Lukashenka, who had already turned into an outcast for democratic countries. But suddenly Lukashenka ran up, grabbed the U.S. president by the hand and the latter was forced to say a few words with him.

The "Terrorist" Bush


Last week, Lukashenka told how he allegedly wrote a letter to George W. Bush Jr., in which he offered to find the $13 billion chalked up to him and keep it. But this is not the brightest page in their relationship.

After George W. Bush was elected president of the United States, Lukashenka's fate seemed to be hanging out on a limb. In 2005, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called him the last dictator of Europe and said that he would not stay in power for long.

Then the U.S. Congress, at Bush's initiative, imposed sanctions on the Belarusian authorities.

Lukashenka was furious. He called the U.S. president "the first terrorist on our planet".

The politicians have never met personally: Bush was shaking hands only with representatives of the Belarusian opposition.

The "striking" Obama

During the reign of Barack Obama, the American policy towards the Belarusian authorities and Lukashenka personally did not change. Moreover, they have given a new reason for sanctions - a severe crackdown on Square-2010 and subsequent tightening of the screws in the country.

Obama regularly extended the sanctions without dignifying Lukashenka with a separate speech. The head of Belarus could not like it, especially since he was making attempts to normalize relations. Lukashenka, for example, urged the Americans to "let Obama work" without criticizing him too much.

Once it seemed that the head of Belarus even crossed the border in his statements about the U.S. president: "And in general, Obama amazes me. Not long ago, black people in America were slaves, today these people claim to be exceptional. I never thought that a person who came out of these poor strata would be able to carry out such rhetoric in the world".