28 January 2020, Tuesday, 3:35
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Farewell to Census!

Farewell to Census!
Dmitry Rastaev

How did the census of 2009 help people?

The present census is in full swing. It has already reached the finish line. Hurry up and take part in it!

- Сlink-clank.

- Who is there?

- Population census.

- Farewell.

How does Shnur sing? "I will not celebrate my birthday..." I treat this census in the same way. I won't open the door, that's all.

Not because I'm afraid of their questions. What should I be afraid of? Offline, I'm a nerd who has never done anything illegal in my life. So no questions, including about layer chickens, beehives, horses or ostriches, embarrass me. The only thing I wouldn't like to tell about is who had a sleep in my house on October 4 (they say, there is such a question).

Although I understand perfectly those who refuse to participate in the census, pointing to its "opacity" and fearing that this information can be used "to develop the punitive apparatus and strengthen social control systems at all levels".

The campaign organizers guarantee the protection of personal data and swear that by the law this information cannot be handed over to the regulatory authorities, don't they? Oh, all ears! "By the law..." The law is just a word without any sense. Since 1994, one law for the rich, and another for the poor. Every law can be twisted if we have the highest order to do it.

The law forbids us to put questions related to the election of the president to a referendum, but in 2004 they were successfully put there, and the law was neglected. Should we waste our time on such a trifle as personal data protection?

I understand those who believe this census is a waste of time. The government assures that the state will use this data to "make decisions on social sphere financing, strengthen defence capabilities and invest public funds". The "planning of the Belarusian economy in the next decade depends on the census" as well. Oh, it's fun!

How did the census of 2009 help people? Over the last ten years, we have experienced several devaluations, doubtful denomination, protracted crisis. Is this how our census work? When the mediocrity runs the country, neither planning nor the census can help.

I'm giving up the census not because of fear or a sense of uselessness. I refuse it because I try to stay away from this state. Because of hygienic reasons.

I don't subscribe to state newspapers, don't watch state TV channels, don't participate in volunteer clean-ups, don't take part in "elections". I want to wash my hands after all this. With soap. Soap is not cheap now.

Dear (though not so much) state! You don't ask me anything when you adopt stupid laws, stamp ridiculous decrees, and I can't even express my "feh". You fine me for rallies as much as if I spent my weekend in Canary. But suddenly you are interested in my ostriches and night guests.

You're not interested in my opinion when you yell at children and threaten to unscrew their heads, and when they grow up, you throw them into the barracks where they commit suicide. And now you want to know whether I plan children. Don't worry, if I do, I'll do my best to get them away from you!

You don't care what I feel when you lie, screw up, and don't want to admit your mistakes. You have turned a European country into a kind of African Mumbuiumbia with lying usurpers at the helm. Thank you for not feeding us crocodiles yet!

And after all this you want me to let you in my house and answer your useless questions? No, pass by!

I don't give up the census to prove something to you. Not because I want to hurt you in any way. You won't be hurt if you don't find out who my guest was on the night of October. No, I do not was to contact you. And this is one of the few real choices that I can still make.

Dmitry Rastaev, Belgazeta