27 November 2020, Friday, 6:27
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I Have Good News For You!

I Have Good News For You!
Jauhen Afnahel
Photo: euroradio.fm

Life is not a computer game.

Jauhen Afnahel, the coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, addressed to the Belarusians.

The press service of European Belarus presents his address:

- Hello, friends! My name is Jauhen Afnahel. I am the coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign.

I have good news for you. Our people are waking up from apathy. They get back their confidence and courage. The last evidence is the striking meeting of the viewers of NEXTA's film "Lukashenka. Criminal Materials".

2 million Belarusians have watched the film. Free people met in Freedom Square. People loving Belarus were looking for an answer to the question that everyone cares about - #what's next? I strongly believe that we should be responsible for our country in the future.

We have no other homeland, we have no other life either. Life is not a computer game where you can lose, reset and start again. We have to act now. The way free people around the world do.

We are free people, aren't we? Do we have self-esteem? Do we have courage to speak out?

Discussions, debates accompany real elections in normal countries. This is how it should be in Belarus. I hope that the dictator, who is going to fly to Austria the other day to beg for new loans, will also keep this in mind.

I propose to continue the discussion and invite you to the meeting of free people in Minsk. Join in, let's talk about our future together. Let it become a good tradition.

It is Friday, November 15, 6 p.m., the square, which was once called Central and now it is Kastrychnitskaya Square. In future, it will bear the name given by the participants of the tent camp in 2006 - Kastus Kalinowski Square.

Many bloggers, activists, public figures and politicians have already proved the meeting legal. We will invite diplomats, observers from international organizations and journalists to the meeting.

Free people, we are waiting for you!