27 November 2020, Friday, 6:14
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Henadz Fiadynich: People Have Right To Free Gathering

Henadz Fiadynich: People Have Right To Free Gathering

The authorities will have to do what the youth is talking about today.

On November 5, the independent REP trade union presented 32 demands to the authorities in the social and economic spheres, which were called the Platform.

Charter97.org asked Henadz Fiadynich, the leader of the independent REP trade union, whether there was a reaction to the demands from the authorities.

- Our “Platform” is not a one-day job. Today, our demands were sent, together with accompanying notes, to the Lukashenka Administration, the government, and the so-called parliament. As for the further promotion of this program in the society, the organization of round tables, the collection of signatures, it will be discussed on November 20 after proposals from the regions. We do not force events, let these pseudo-elections end and everything goes as it should.

- What feedback do you get about your program from ordinary Belarusians?

- Those who had time to read and study it absolutely support our program. Nobody accuses us of populism, does not say that there is something far-fetched in the program. On the contrary, they make some proposals of their own, offer to do something. Of course, you won’t take all the points into account, otherwise you would get a huge catechism.

We are making the Platform for a reason. Expert groups will be created in various areas. If the government wants, we will discuss things together. If it doesn’t, we will independently discuss changes in the pension reform, medical reform. We are ready to work, and not just blabber out that we have demands, and let the authorities solve them. No, we are ready to work in this direction with representatives of the civil society, interested specialists.

- On November 8, Minsk hosted a discussion of the sensational film of the NEXTA blogger. How do you feel about this event?

- Firstly, I want to say that this action was very youthful and creative. It showed that young people, the new faces that came, all have a need to discuss ways out of the situation in which our country finds itself.

It is clear that this event could not attract more participants, but this is already better than 30-50 people.

I think that the authorities should not be afraid of this creative, because people just come and express their opinion. Moreover, there is an election campaign going on. It's time to discuss, propose, be heard and hear the ones who offer something. The main thing is that the action should be continued.

- Coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign Yauhen Afnahel suggested to hold a meeting of free people at 6 p.m. on November 15 in the Kastrychnitskaya Square. It will be held as part of the election campaign. Do you support such an initiative?

- Today it is necessary to use the election campaign for rallies and pickets. Let people come up, discuss, because they live in their own country. Why Belarusians do not have the right to express some thoughts, even if they are different from what the authorities say? Rejoice that there is a great point of view, and not universal “approvals”. There is no “approval” in Belarusian kitchens. Come to the pickets and listen! Sooner or later, it will be necessary to fulfill what the youth is talking about today, what pensioners and workers say. Therefore, I consider this proposal to be absolutely adequate. Neither the authorities nor Belarusians should be afraid of it. People have the right to get together and discuss issues.