27 September 2020, Sunday, 15:28
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BT Made Everyone Laugh With Their Piece

BT Made Everyone Laugh With Their Piece

It is unlikely that in democratic Austria they could suspect that they had so much in common with Belarus under Lukashenka's rule.

To begin with, the news piece stated: "Lukashenka's official visit to Austria is already called a historic one." Salidarnasts chose from the piece some interesting moments concerning comparisons of two countries.

Describing the tour for the VIP guests around the Van der Bellen residence, the authors of the report drew parallels with Minsk:

- In general, the residence and office of the Austrian president can be visited by ordinary tourists only once a year. On October 26, the day of the national holiday. The number of guests is limited. By the way, in our Palace of Independence, the number of excursionists has already exceeded a thousand, and it is open all the year round.

It should be noted that journalists have repeatedly written about the Palace of Independence, which, contrary to previous promises, has not become accessible to all. Today, very small groups of people, who received a special invitation, are allowed to go there, for example, to get awards from Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Moreover, these excursions are held for guests rarely.

But another statement in the piece was more impressive. When it came to the negotiations involving ministers, a comparison of the two countries was made in terms of kinship and even political line:

- There was a lot to talk about, because politics is a delicate matter. Especially on our continent. If figuratively, imagine that Belarus and Austria are like two sisters. But they are married to different people. With different views. For example, the Eurasian and European Union. Didn't the sisters stop being relatives because of that? Politically, the two countries have a lot in common: the Great Patriotic War, cooperation in the times of the USSR. And Austria has always been saying during the period of independent Belarus: "We are ready to be friends".

It is unlikely that until this moment, in the country of Western Europe, which has been democratic for a century, they could suspect that they have so much in common with Belarus under Lukashenka's rule...