28 November 2020, Saturday, 22:17
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Almost Half Of Belarusians Live On Less Than $8 A Day

Almost Half Of Belarusians Live On Less Than $8 A Day

And there are those who can't afford it.

Officials have determined that a person should meet his minimum needs for Br 230 per month. Why can't all Belarusians earn even that much? Mikhail Zalesski, an expert of the Personal Fortune program of the Belsat TV channel, analyzes the situation.

The grandson, hearing it on TV, asks his grandmother: "Why did the scientists come up with a minimum subsistence budget?" She replies: "Probably not scientists. They would have tested it on dogs first". Let's talk about one of the most important socio-economic categories in modern Russian history and its role in educating citizens in the spirit of devotion to the leader now.

There is no living wage maximum. It doesn't matter how much a person has - it's still not enough. Pharaoh has built a pyramid for himself, until now there is no bigger construction in terms of cubature. But there is a minimum.

Since the subsistence minimum budget usually operates in July prices until October 31, our figure is called a forecast. So what have we dared to predict?

It turns out, I quote the Belstat, "the minimum - necessary to preserve human health, providing a minimum set of food and non-food products and services".

Health is such a thing, first it is strengthened, then maintained and finally preserved. Workers and the unemployed are also offered the latter.

But life exceeds even the fantasies of the national administration's geniuses. Citizens (not all of them, thank God) either do not want or cannot provide themselves with a minimum.

In our socially oriented country, half a million people live on less than Br 240 per month. They do not preserve their health for some reason. And you shouldn't think that they all to a man social drop-outs and drug addicts with alcoholics. All types of people without exception are represented in this mass.

Percent is a great toy for a propagandist: small, round. And when you convert them into rubles and souls - it is not nice, too many poor people. One wouldn't not have the heart to call rich those four million people who have one to two minimum subsistence budgets per month. That's at best Br16 for the day, for everything.

But since these four and a half million people who live on up to Br16 per day stay silent, this is how they will continue to live. This is the people's choice, their will, and I am not the one to teach them.

It remains to fantasize a little bit. Look at the minimum subsistence budget we could have had if we had calculated it as in other countries. As part of the median income, in principle, and taking into account local circumstances. And every country has its own percentage. In the middle of the year, this salary was just over Br800.

But our people's servants look deeper, defined the minimum food set for the people and, which is simply surprising, the share equal to 77% of their cost for non-food needs. Learn to live from these wise people and you'll be golden.