27 November 2020, Friday, 18:00
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Andrei Sharenda: There Are No ‘Elections’ In Belarus, No One Counts Votes

Andrei Sharenda: There Are No ‘Elections’ In Belarus, No One Counts Votes

The kolkhoz dictatorship is a bankrupt.

Representative of the European Belarus civil campaign in Brest Andrei Sharenda has addressed to Belarusians on the day of the so-called election, Charter97.org reports:

- My name is Andrei Sharenda, I represent the civil campaign European Belarus in Brest. For two months, the electoral campaign has been ongoing in Belarus, before the so-called parliamentary election. We went around a thousand of people’s houses and became convinced that the people oppose the dictator and want changes.

During this time, we have stirred up the society, showing that it is possible and necessary to openly tell the truth, and that it is important to fight propaganda and lies.

The propaganda is lying to us that we allegedly have free “elections” and the “parliament”. The dictator has taken it all away from us, having replaced it with the circus and fake commissions. There are no elections in Belarus, no one counts votes, so there is no point in going to these “elections”.

The propaganda is lying to us about high wages, and low level of unemployment. In the reality, when we went around the people’s apartments, we saw the real incomes of the people. We saw empty apartments. People flee abroad by entire families, in search of a better life. European Belarus advocates reforms, as a result of which Belarusians will receive decent salaries in their Homeland.

The propaganda is lying to us that the country is developing. In the reality, the kolkhoz dictatorship has bankrupted. The dictator is trying to catch every straw to stay at power. He allows building harmful enterprises in our cities. He is selling our independence to Russia, step by step.

Let’s say “Basta!” to the dictator. We need to rap him over the fingers.