28 November 2020, Saturday, 23:11
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People’s Hatred to Lukashenka and Yermoshyna Multiplied

People’s Hatred to Lukashenka and Yermoshyna Multiplied
Photo by DW/G. Kesner

That's the main result of the elections.

Dzmitry Bandarenka, the coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, commented Charter97.org on the "parliamentary elections" held in our country on November 17.

- What do you think about the results and peculiarities of these "elections" in Belarus? Did they differ from the previous ones?

- The results were predictable. The authorities puff out their cheeks, although they sit on a powder keg and wave the torch.

And this powder keg will definitely explode because it is also on the stove.

During the campaign, two interesting moments emerged. The Belarusians have temporarily lost their will to resist.

And the other thing is the complete rejection of the authorities and the total ignoring of the so-called "elections".

Given the communicative nature of the campaign held by the opposition, we had to answer questions like: "What "elections"? What "parliament"?

Such a reaction is a diagnosis of the system. The authorities and Belarusians live on absolutely different planets.

It is obvious that the logical resolution of the dilemma - inactivity and total rejection of this power - will happen soon. Belarusians blame Lukashenka and his assistants in public.

They do not believe that they can overthrow Lukashenka yet. But the fall of dictatorships is the world trend now. One by one Lukashenka's accomplices fall and die all over the world.

I would call this not a feature of this "parliamentary" campaign, but a feature of the historical moment.

- How do you assess the political campaign conducted by European Belarus and its allies during the "elections"?

- It was dynamic. When fighting against the boycott at the previous "elections," held by European Belarus, many opposition parties said: "We must participate in the campaign, work with people".

But this year European Belarus and People's Hramada worked with people. That is, the structures that are members of the Belarusian National Congress.

It was nice to see many young people who were active during the campaign day and night, participated in actions and built communication.

Nothing can be done without communication with ordinary people.

This is how the consolidation in Belarusian society begins. After all, the whole society is against this power and Lukashenka, but it is not united yet and does not believe in itself.

This year European Belarus has conducted a campaign of an active boycott of the elections. Observers have recorded this boycott, while international organizations - PACE, OSCE, EU - even noted the regression in the actions of the authorities.

- According to independent observers, a boycott of the "elections" took place. This was also officially stated by Zenon Pozniak and the CCP-BPF party. What does it mean for the Belarusian society?

- I can say that since 2000 all the "parliamentary elections" have always faced a boycott. Even the Belarusian television informed about the failure of the elections. Since then, no "parliamentary elections" have succeeded in Belarus.

And if strong candidates can organize this quorum for the presidential elections - we saw it in 2010 and 2006 - then Belarusians do not associate their lives with the so-called "parliament".

On the one hand, it is good, but on the other hand, it is bad. The good thing is that people are realists. Belarusians are people of a practical way of thinking. They realise that this does not make any sense, only if they are forced to do it being threatened with losing a job or freedom. But this causes even greater resistance.

It is bad that Belarusians had self-government in the cities hundreds of years ago, which defended the rights of the citizens of the city, various organizations, workshops. There was a judicial system. It turns out that we have degraded.

But it is impossible to have a normal economy, being in the Euro-Atlantic region, and have such an archaic political system.

- The OSCE did not recognize the results of the elections. How can the illegitimacy of the house complicate the life of Europe's last dictator?

- I think that the West knows that there are no elections. It realizes that Lukashenka is a criminal. After all, election fraud is a crime.

Today the world is driven by such political selfishness that Belarus is out of the matter.

Well, they have recorded a regress, and in personal conversations politicians even in Poland and Europe say: "If Belarusians do not protest, then they agree with it".

At the same time, there will be no investments. Lukashenka once made it to Austria (and I think that Putin paid for this visit, and it wasn't an anti-Russian demarche), and there he intimidated businessmen saying "I will jail you if you give bribes".

What does this mean? It's just a failing visit. Therefore, the West, even if it wanted to help the regime, would not do so after that.

We are all facing a battle, which is inevitable and which is about to happen next year. The Belarusian people are against dictator Lukashenka. Everyone will watch it: someone will help us, someone will help Lukashenka. And this very fight is inevitable. Our life and the fate of the country depends on its results.

- Apparently, Lukashenka feels it too: there was a reason for him to call these "elections" a rehearsal of the general battle in 2020. Can we say that his position before the general battle has deteriorated?

- Yes. One of the indicative factors that distinguish this campaign from the previous ones is as follows: even in the controlled, pseudo-independent media had the election fraud as the main topic. It is so obvious that it is impossible even to hide it.

In addition, those waiting to be appointed a "beloved wife" have been given a slap in the face, hoping that someone will be appointed to this "house".

And I think that the awakening of young people is the worst signal for Lukashenka. Let it be very mild, as it happened at the meeting of viewers of the film "Lukashenka. Criminal materials" and the Meeting of free people. But it has begun.

The "cry of the soul" of Anna Tolchikova has become the main symbol of this campaign. This is a generation's cry, a curse on all these swindlers from the election commissions.

Maybe one of the so-called teachers who took part in ballot-box stuffing will think about it. By and large, there are decent teachers who graduated from Maksim Tank University or other pedagogical universities of Belarus: they are Jauhen Afnahel, Tatstsiana Seviarynets, and other worthy teachers.

But in general, the education system has become a force to support this rotten, collective farm dictatorship. By and large, the building of the Pedagogical University in Minsk deserves demolition, maybe in a physical or mental sense. These teachers will always be responsible for corrupting souls of young people and crippling the country. It is a black spot in the profession.

- In your opinion, what will happen in 2020?

- Lukashenka has driven the country to the edge and his desire to run the seventh term may turn out to be fatal not only for him but for the entire Drazdy clan. He thinks that once again he gave the right figures together with Yermoshyna. People's hatred for them has multiplied. This was the main result of the "elections".

Euronews had a reason to mention this fact, as well as ONT TV channel to make a whole story on the topic.

The authorities will trick, dodge and "improve" the Constitution, but they will fail to deceive people. Belarus is on the verge of drastic changes.