27 November 2020, Friday, 17:36
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Observers: Homel Boycotted ‘Election’

Observers: Homel Boycotted ‘Election’

Real numbers of voters turnout have been announced.

Observers recorded in Homel a significant overstatement of voter turnout on the voting day of the “election” of “deputies of the House of Representatives,” naviny.by reports.

For example, at polling station #3 of the Homel Savetski District # 34, observer Liana Shuba counted more than 370 voters on the voting day. In the final protocol of the commission, it was noted that 962 people voted on November 17.

Observation data was also shared by Vasil Paliakou, the regional coordinator of the “Right to Choose” campaign. The observation was organized in all 40 voting stations of the Homel Central Electoral District # 33.

For example, according to the observers, at the polling station # 15, 37.54% of voters voted (during the early voting and on the main day of November 17), and according to the commission - 57.74%.

According to the observers, at the polling station # 20, 29.18% voted, 70.61% were indicated in the protocol of the commission.

Likewise, turnout was overstated at the polling station # 17 (36.55% according to observers, 64.41% - the commission data), and the polling station # 27 (29.35% according to observers, according to commission data - 64.25%).

At polling stations ## 39 and 40 the turnout was significantly different: (23.42% of the voters were counted by the observers, 63.82% - by the commission, 25.88% - by the observers, 64.03% - by the commission, respectively).

The observers filed a series of complaints to the district commission of the Central District. Eight complaints were filed regarding the closed vote count. Four complaints related to discrepancies in the voter turnout.