26 November 2020, Thursday, 0:50
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

The Lepers

The Lepers

They will have a mark for the rest of their lives.

This is how it will be. They just don’t want to believe that. Well, they think this will last forever. They hope that they will always be protected and defended. Like, they are special and nothing will happen to them.

They do not want to believe that sooner or later the situation will change not in their favor. Well, yes, someone is lucky. They will go to a better world before. But those who are still afloat will become lepers for society. They will have a mark. For the rest of their lives. A horrible mark.

“Member of the election commission” under Yarmoshyna and Lukashenka. No matter the role. Just a member. This will be the mark everyone will avoid. Because. After changing all this bacchanalia, in all the employment forms, transfers and other questionnaires (even during the next census), there will be such a column - have you ever been a member of an election commission? This is the scariest mark that can be put on a person in life.

It is like a propensity for betrayal, treason, lies and deceit. On a large scale. This is, as a participant in a large organized crime group for the purposeful collapse of the country and the destruction of the nation as a whole.

You may say what nonsense. And I will say - you deserve it.

And there will be nothing worse than this mark. Because. For these are the most terrible and dangerous people in the country. Yes, yes. Worse than an external enemy. On them is a mask that will need to be torn off during life, and this stigma should be put.

Can you imagine the following situation? A war or some other trouble happens you or to the country. You go to a battle, or for some kind of a mission. AND? And next to you is the one who has such a mark? This is horror! In the first battle, he will betray or shoot you in the back. So, do as you please. But personally, I will not be with such people, it’s dangerous to be near them. And there is no excuse for their words. Like, the times were such and so on.

That’s enough from you, Herods!

Full point.

Viktar Harbachou, Facebook