3 December 2020, Thursday, 0:51
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What Is Yarmoshyna Afraid Of?

What Is Yarmoshyna Afraid Of?

If the "elections" are so honest, why is she so worried?

Subscribers of the Belarus of Brain telegram channel report that they have seen Yarmoshyna surrounded by guards. If "elections" are so honest, what is she afraid of?

On November 16, at the initiative of the European Belarus civil campaign, a meeting of free people was held in Minsk again - a legal rally on Freedom Square. Candidates for the "deputies" of the so-called Belarusian "parliament" and their proxies were among the participants of the rally.

One of the European Belarus leaders, Yauhen Afnahel, said that there are no elections in the country, so the candidates from the civil campaign withdraw their candidacies and burn the certificates in protest right outside the CEC building.


After the march in the center of Minsk from Freedom Square to Independence Avenue, under the slogans "Basta To Forged Elections And Yarmoshyna", the candidates and their proxies burned the certificates. Participants of the European Belarus civil campaign refused to participate in the farce and urged the Belarusians to boycott the event, which the Belarusian authorities call "elections".