29 September 2020, Tuesday, 14:20
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He's Out Of His Mind

He's Out Of His Mind

"The closer the collapse of the empire, the crazier its laws are," - Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Have you heard?

People! They are out of their minds!

The government has prepared another "innovation" for us, loved ones. And it will take effect on April 24, 2020. It is from this day onwards that the Belarusians will have to declare synthetic detergents for laundry when crossing the border.

Well, it has been adopted, for example, in order to protect the domestic market "from dangerous and low-quality products". This document introduces a mandatory confirmation of compliance (precisely by way of declaring) for synthetic washing detergents. This applies to liquids, powders, granules, pastes, various tablets and blocks.

They cannot make their quality products, the storehouses are clogged with shit. And the price! It's getting higher and higher. And what one should do in this case? Right. Restrict everything he can. The authorities themselves will be buying there, and charging the prices here. And no delivery here. Or declare it.

At first, they banned bringing underwear. Next - the detergents. And then there will be toilet paper. It would also be good to make one pay quitrent for it! Ours is better and more reliable.

What a shame! And how? How could one even think of such a thing? Are there people able to think there? Or maybe, they first sniff up some kind of powder, and then adopt all sorts of things. It is the 21st century!

- Hello. You are on the border of Belarus. Do you have detergents that you want to use at home to wash your underwear?

- I have 10 tablets for washing.

- Please fill in the declaration. And pay the required fee for these tablets. We ask you to leave the odd here or take them to the place where they were taken.


We have messed up, wasted and siphoned off everything. And now one ban is followed by another.

Viktar Harbachou, Facebook