29 September 2020, Tuesday, 14:05
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Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers
Iryna Khalip

How do they hide Lukashenka's personnel roster?

Recently, two women were discussing the news at the bus stop. I like to listen to conversations in public transport and at stops. Passengers always discuss what everyone is concerned about. The discussion is always sound as if it's an invitation: come on, fellow citizens, join in, express your own opinion! Such conversations often turn into a great discussion.

However, this time the discussion failed because its participants never came to the conclusion who Lukashenka meant. They discussed the "personnel reserve" - those 850 people he recently told about in the Academy of Management and called immune. Dear ladies at the bus stop had no time to speak on the matter because they rushed to find who he meant. Before the bus arrived, they were just enumerating: ministers? prosecutors? KGB officers? arms dealers? personal "wallets"? No, no one fits. Everyone is jailed indiscriminately. So the women left without coming to any conclusion. And the topic was like a question mark in the heavy air. Although there is no question here.

Many people are trying to answer the question about those 850 immunes, and examine the usual nomenclature vertical. They are mistaken. It is the wrong place to look for them. To be more precise, Lukashenka did his best to confuse people and called the actual immune the "personnel reserve". But they do not. "People on the personnel roster of the "president" have certain powers, privileges and immunities. For example, they cannot be detained or arrested without the consent of the "president". It is done for them to be able to act independently. As always, he lied. This is not a personnel reserve, and it is not a roster at all. "To act independently" are the keywords. That is personal order, which one never find among the incoming and outgoing.

Not a single personnel officer can bring you the personal files of these persons because there are no such files. Perhaps these people are officially listed somewhere - the sixth trombones in an orchestra, the fifth import consultants somewhere at a lagging plant, the fourth deputies of some nomenclature unit. The unit believes that this is "dead soul" is just a cousin of some necessary person.

These people who are not subject to even Lukashenka's laws are his personal "problem solvers". They are death squadron, raiders, couriers, collectors. Their positions are not mentioned in the employment books. They are not given written orders, and they do not sign "read and understood". Their "job" is done behind the curtain. It is bloody. They have their hands untied because they do not need to prepare reports, sign, leave traces. They do not obey anybody except Lukashenka. 850 people are paid on the side for black deeds.

Of course, it's great that Zenon Pozniak, Yury Belenki and Siarhei Papkou sent a statement to the Prosecutor General's Office demanding to initiate an investigation in connection with Lukashenka's statements. We all know the answer they will receive. But at least their statement - and thus the fact - will be officially registered. It's an episode for a future criminal case. It will be difficult to identify 850 defendants. But they may rush to turn state's evidence, as it used to be before. We don't have to worry about them. Lukashenka will start, as always, to play a silly, good-natured, tricky crook like a character of "An Ordinary Miracle: "It's not my fault! Ancestors are to blame! Great-grandfathers, grand-uncles and aunts, forefathers, and foremothers, yeah. They behaved like pigs, but now I'm going to clean up this mess". He will say something like that. We will have to deal with this mess.

But the smiling Western officials should be concerned. They are ready to rescue Lukashenka, because he is a poor thing pressed by Russia, and the entire civilized world should support him and help to strengthen positions. For him to stay in power for another twenty years to ensure stability in the region. Let them bear in mind that they together will support corrupt officials, an army of law enforcers neglecting the law, Yermoshyna's election fraud and the death squadron of almost a thousand people. Let them don't tell us later that nobody warned them.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org