22 January 2021, Friday, 12:58
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Why Is Lukashenka Afraid Of European Flags?

Why Is Lukashenka Afraid Of European Flags?

There's one important point.

It would seem that all of us have already commented on the rallies in Minsk on November 7 and 8. So that not to repeat, I will pay attention to one important point.

As a rule, informants and provocateurs are especially active at the initial stage of the mass events. Not all the leaders have arrived yet, there are few people, no one knows how the authorities will behave. In short, this is the most convenient time for provocations.

This was also the case at Kastrychnitskaya Square on November 7. The target of the provocateurs were the flags of the European Union. Unknown young men, pretending to be laborers from Shabany and reeking of alcohol, started to tear them out of the hands of activists. First, silently, then, when the journalists intervened, they started shouting something about "rotting Europe" and that "real patriots wouldn't be standing with such a flag".

At first I thought that maybe it was really some kind of a drunk resident of the capital's "sleeper" who decided to come to the square and had not quite taken in the situation. It happens, I saw such things myself on the marches of "non-parasites". But then I remembered the other recent rallies and realized that it was not for nothing that they were allergic to blue cloths with stars.

The European Union is the main geopolitical opponent and competitor for Putin and Lukashenka. Not Belarus, not Ukraine, which they do not consider as countries. And not even the far away America. The competitor, which is not only geopolitical, but also economic, military, aesthetic and value-based one. It is with the European Union that the Kremlin and its allies fight on all the fronts. In Ukraine - by terror, in Belarus - by propaganda and such marginalists, whose main task is to prevent the presence of the "enemy" symbol.

The provocateurs were quickly driven away from the square. The marches in the center of Minsk were held under white-red-white and European flags, as it should be in a European country. The only slogan missing was a slogan from the distant 90s, which I've only heard in rare videos. Belarus - to Europe, Lukashenka - somewhere in the opposite direction. Have you heard it? Do you remember? And he remembers, that's why he is so afraid of the European symbols in the streets. It reminds him of the alternative.

Kiryll Vasileuski, especially for Charter97.org