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Three Facts That Reveal Lukashenka's Lies To Doctor

Three Facts That Reveal Lukashenka's Lies To Doctor

About clans, housing for medics and smoking.

Salidarnasts notes three points in Lukashenka's speech addressed to future doctors.

- There will be no clans in medicine while I am in power, - he said at the meeting at the medical university. - Mum and Dad are doctors and the child is a doctor. This is good. But the bad thing is that when there are several families, it turns out to be a clan. And it is very difficult for others to get in there.

According to Aliaksandr Lukashenka, he has been "very successful in cutting down this clan system" for several years. And he's not going to stop.

However, let us remember the family of Iryna Abelskaya, who is called by the people the mother of Lukashenka's youngest son. She became Lukashenka's personal physician in the first year of his presidency. In 2001, she headed the Republican Hospital for Management of his affairs.

Her brother Andrei Pastayalka, an X-ray endovascular surgeon and head of the X-ray surgery department, also works in the Lukashenka clinic. Their mother, Liudzmila Pastayalka, headed the Ministry of Health in 2002-2005.

Vasil Zharko, who was appointed Minister after her and who later became Deputy Prime Minister, is associated with Liudzmila Pastayalka. Judging by one of the journalistic investigations, Zharko was Pastayalka's protégé.

On housing for doctors

At the meeting, Lukashenka instructed to provide housing for doctors and social workers. According to him, the analysis of the situation in education, health care, sports, showed people's concern about housing:

- The main thing is housing. If there is housing, the problem with the outflow of personnel will disappear forever.

Interestingly, the turn to address the housing issue has reached doctors and other social workers only now. Seven years ago, a site in Uruchcha for building several apartment buildings was allocated for the employees of the capital's riot police department. It was possible to receive apartments in them after 5-7 years of service in the detachment.

In addition, in the middle of the forest near the Ring Road in the Uruchcha district, a residential complex "Baravaya-2007" was built for the families of employees of the penal and correctional system and the Interior Ministry.

On smoking and health

Lukashenka's concern for the health of the owners of bad habits seems a little cynical. It was his decision that one of the Belarusian oligarchs got the monopoly right to create a chain of shops to sell cigarettes "Tabakerka", which will appear all over the country, including villages and agrarian towns.

And at one of the recent meetings of Lukashenka demanded to prevent a serious rise in prices for tobacco products:

- I do not support the smokers, I have a special attitude to it. But one thing is for me, another is for the person who takes a cigarette, buys it for decent money and ruins his health. In short, these are certain social issues.

By the way, the sale of tobacco products brings the state about 1.2 billion rubles, of which only excise taxes give 800 million rubles.