24 November 2020, Tuesday, 21:03
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Belarusian In Human Chain: Moustached One, Bugger Off

Belarusian In Human Chain: Moustached One, Bugger Off

The man spoke out emotionally against "integration" with Russia.

On December 7 and 8, mass rallies for the independence of Belarus were held in Minsk.

A man taking part in the "Human Chain" told reporters:

"Are there any other options besides protests? I am just tired of being afraid. According to...

This mustached wanker said in the open: there will be no democracy, the police is for beating the observers at the "elections". He has declared war against us.

We offered him: here are the guarantees for you, bugger off. He said no. Obviously, we are not able to reach an agreement. And in general, it all looks as if I have a neighbor for 25 years, he has a friend, they fry kebabs there, and today he comes to me and says - we've decided here, let's cut out your kidney!

What? How is that? And his second friend, the little one, says - it's okay, it's not a problem, lie down, and we'll cut out your kidney.

There is such a good meme: they have crossed the line there. Well, that's what it is. How is it possible?"