28 November 2020, Saturday, 19:00
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‘Moscow Could Never Make Belarusians Silent’

‘Moscow Could Never Make Belarusians Silent’

If it were not for the support of the Kremlin, Lukashenka would not have existed for a long time.

For the second consecutive day in Minsk, protests against the so-called “integration” of Belarus and Russia have been taking place. One of the leaders of the Razam movement, Viachaslau Siuchyk has summed up the actions:

- It is very good that these actions were held in Minsk. They were both long-lasting, which is not typical of the recent times. This is a real “Belarusian resistance”. Let me remind you, we urged people to come out to the Kalinouski Square (Kastrychnitskaya) on December 20 at 6 p.m.

It is remarkable that the resolution that was adopted today was delivered to the embassy of the aggressor country, whose representatives hope that they would be able to carry out annexation of Belarus. That is, this is not only some kind of symbolic action, it is a certain warning.

The Russian Embassy is a strategic object for the authorities, their owners are there. A disease called Lukashism has lasted for many years. Naturally, there would have long been no Lukashenka in Belarus without the support of Moscow.

Many people took part in the action. They were brought together precisely by the fact that the country is in danger, it must be protected. Moreover, if today the documents were signed, then manyfold more people would come out.

It has always been that way. Remember the years 1996, and others, when Belarusians came out when there was a threat to the country's independence.

Belarusians are capable of self-organization, our people are very courageous. Moscow has never succeeded in making Belarusians silent. I hope that the leaders of various opposition parties will be together with the Belarusian people at least on December 20.