20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:13
For our and your freedom!

Deputies Of Supreme Council Of 12th-13th Convocations: We Must Defend Independence Of All Nations


There are democratic forces in Belarus that do not want any colonization.

The deputies of two legitimate parliaments – of the Supreme Council of the 12th and 13th convocations – held a meeting in Minsk. The poet and essayist Siarhei Zakonnikau, who attended the meeting as a guest, noted the importance of this event and the statement adopted there for preserving the independence of Belarus, Radio Racyja reports.

– The most respected people who adopted the first Constitution, legitimate people, well known in the society, gathered because they see that our independence has faced a great threat.


It only seems that this threat is not so terrible. We must always remember what is happening all over the world. Some difficult situation has been created, everyone thinks that it will resolve somehow on its own, but it ends in people becoming enslaved.

Therefore, now literally all the people should defend the independence of Belarus, – Siarhei Zakonnikau stressed.

According to him, not only the Belarusian society, but also as many people around the world as possible should learn about this event – the meeting and the statement adopted during it.

"So that they know that there are democratic forces in Belarus that do not want any colonization. They stand for independence and will stand to the end," – Siarhei Zakonnikau said.