18 June 2019, Tuesday, 9:12
We are in the same boat

Human Rights Activist From Baranavichy: There Are More And More People, Who Are Dissatisfied With Authorities


Belarusians are increasingly turning to human rights defenders for help.

Despite the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve positive results, people are turning more and more for various reasons, Viasna human rights activist from Baranavichy, Aliaksandr Vaitseshyk, says to Radio Racyja:

– More and more people are dissatisfied, disappointed in power. People come all the time. One of the reasons is that people are not able to pay for lawyers, and human rights activists work for free.

According to Aliaksandr Vaitseshyk, for 25 years, the Belarusian authorities have not understood that the highest value of the state is the respect for human rights. Thus, the state creates an authority for itself, which works on the image of the state and the government.

– We must change the authorities' attitude towards human rights, towards laws, and first of all towards people, – the human rights activist believes.

According to the human rights activist, unfortunately, the majority of our people are not interested in their rights, they don’t know them, and any government official can easily manipulate such people. The human rights defenders plan to continue to acquaint citizens with human rights and principles of protection of their rights.