25 April 2019, Thursday, 15:51
For our and your freedom!

Roman Bessmertny: Belarus Headed By Lukashenka Is Problem


Lukashenka’s power in Belarus is a hole in European security.

This was stated in an interview to Gazeta.ua by the presidential candidate of Ukraine, the former ambassador of Ukraine to Minsk, Roman Bessmertny.

“A Belarusian is a European. Belarus, headed by Lukashenkao, is a problem,” – Roman Bessmertny says.

The politician spoke in favor of creating a military-political alliance of the countries of the Baltic-Black Sea region.

“Today, Russia has come for Ukraine, and tomorrow may come for Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, France, etc. Poisoning of the Skripals is also a greeting with the words “We will come after you.” They are already in Venezuela. In Syria ... Therefore, I say: Europe needs a Central European bloc of countries. The Baltic-Black Sea Union will group them. For they are like young roosters. They are beautiful, very emotional, sometimes they peck at each other. We must unite against the common enemy. Because the loss of 50 million during the Second World War may seem like flowers,” – Roman Bessmertny says.