24 July 2019, Wednesday, 10:57
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Babich: Lukashenka Intends To Do Everything To Strengthen “Union State”


The Russian ambassador to Belarus has commented on the dictator's statements.

Lukashenka takes the position that Russia is a union state. The Russian ambassador to Belarus, Mikhail Babich, said that in an interview to Russian propagandists from the RT television channel, tut.by reports.

The Russian journalist tried to find out the diplomat’s opinion about Lukashenka, when he, discussing the losses from the tax maneuver, emotionally said that Russia could lose its only ally in the western direction.

– As for the statement you mentioned, I am not a supporter of commenting on those statements which I have not heard myself. None of the Russians were present at this meeting. Most likely, this is either a phrase taken out of context or an emotion. But I have never heard raising the issue in such a way from the President of Belarus and other officials. On the contrary, at all the negotiations, at all the meetings, I have been to, Lukashenka always very clearly stated his position and adheres to it – that Russia is a “union state”, Russia and Belarus are two members of a “union state”, and Belarus intends to continue to do everything to strengthen this “union state.”