20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:20
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Aliaksandr Kabanau To Judges: I’m Not Going To Execute Your Crazy Nonsense


The blogger was tried for a video against a battery plant.

Alena Niamkova, a judge of the Biaroza district court, punished blogger Aliaksandr Kabanau with a fine of 20 basic units or 510 Belarusian rubles for non-compliance with the decision of the Brest Economic Court, Radio Racyja reports.

According to the court’s decision, Kabanau had to remove the video “Lead will end up with Brest” from the Internet and print an apology written by the leadership of the battery plant, which is being built near Brest.

But Kabanau did not agree to apologize, and it is also impossible to remove the video from the site.

“If the court declares that any court decision is binding on a citizen, then deprive me of my citizenship. You have come up with some kind of nonsense and everyone should obediently execute it. I’m not going to execute your crazy nonsense,” – Aliaksandr Kabanau said.

Those present at the trial were outraged by the decision of the court. They believe that the judges are not even able to think about their own health and the health of their children, when they justify environmentally hazardous enterprises with their decisions:

– They show once again how much power and officials in our country do not like the truth, they are afraid of this truth.

– They just do what they are told to do. Harmful production will affect everyone, including officials.

The Economic Court of Brest found the blogger Kabanau guilty in undermining the reputation of the plant with his videos. Soon it will be a year as the Brest residents hold actions in the center of the city against the dangerous enterprise, which has already caused great damage in Zialiony Bor near Ivatsevichy, Belaaziorsk and Pinsk, and which was closed in Vaukavysk.