20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:22
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Wolf Or Dog Besieges Residential District In Slonim


Experts from the forestry refused to solve the problem.

Natallia Adamovich, who lives in the Labazauka residential district in Slonim, found traces of an unknown beast under the windows of her house on the morning of February 10.

Correspondents of Hazeta Slonimskaya drove to the place to clarify the situation.

– We had a pile of sand near the house, which we leveled down. And the next morning we noticed these traces. I think these are traces of a wolf, first of all, because they are very large. It's very scary, you never know what can happen. Children play here, adults constantly go to work, – Natallia says.

On the morning of February 11, a woman addressed the Slonim forestry. After lunch, the staff arrived at Natallia's home to inspect the beast's traces.

– Yes, experts from the forestry came. They examined the traces and said that they were definitely dog's ones.

– My husband and I will be watching of course. If this is a dog, then why does it walk only at night, and is not seen in the daytime? And do they think the dog cannot bite children, or what? Probably, I will try to get in contact with my acquaintances who can solve this problem, – the Slonim dweller said.