25 May 2019, Saturday, 23:31
For our and your freedom!

Do Something and You'll Feel Better at Once

Denis Kazakevich

It's time for Belarus to act, not to argue in the kitchens.

Last week there were a lot of depressing and absurd, but at the same time significant news.

The Belarusian school experienced the worst tragedy in the last fifty years, but no mourning was declared at the scene of the tragedy, in Staubtsy. Neither the "president", nor the Minister of Education considered it necessary to visit the town. Lukashenka did not express condolences to the families and friends of the victims, and on the day of the funeral, February 13, when the whole country was worried and the media published photos of grief-stricken people, Lukashenka and Putin went skiing in Sochi.

A mother with many children committed suicide after the local education department decided that her children had live in an orphanage, but the Minister of Education did not express condolences to the family and friends. The husband of the deceased must pay Br800 a month after his children were taken away from him. Officials decided to return the children only after he moved to another apartment. He has no money to move.

In an interview with RT, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Mikhail Babich announced plans to create supranational governing bodies of the two countries, while the next day the Kremlin ideologist Vladislav Surkov wrote in his article that Russia " is a growing and gathering land of community of nations." A few days later, standing next to Putin, Lukashenka said he was ready to "go far in uniting efforts of states and peoples".

Polish President Andrzej Duda met with Lukashenka's henchman Mikhail Myasnikovich, and the next day the Polish Foundation for International Solidarity announced a five-fold reduction in support for the opposition website "Charter-97" due to "inexpediency". At the same time, the Lukashenka government has been blocking the site on the territory of Belarus for over a year now.

EU representative in Belarus Andrea Viktorin praised the "dialogue" on human rights in Belarus and "progress" in her interview to tut.by and stated that "civil society is not only human rights defenders," but also the environment and education. Neither the correspondent nor the interviewee remembered current political prisoners.

Marina Zolotova, editor-in-chief of tut.by, is suffering demonstrative and absurd days-long trial, reminiscent of a poorly directed show with an unknown ending for the general public. "Judge" Aliaksandr Petrash is an experienced and not accidental person; he fined and arrested Mikalai Statkevich, Jauhen Afnahel, Nina Bahinskaya, Maksim Vinyarski, Vyachyslau Kosinerau and many others.

It seems that Lukashenka and his followers do not consider Belarusians as people. They ignore (and sometimes provoke) horrible human tragedies. They want to decide what news Belarusians can read and what news they cannot. They systematically attempt to manipulate public protest opinion. Finally, the "president" himself believes he can make statements that the Republic of Belarus is ready to share its sovereignty with another state.

If you feel confused and apathetic about current events in Belarus and the Belarusian media space now, it's understandable. But at the same time it's exactly what the gang in power needs. For Lukashenka, an ideal Belarusian is the one who curses the power in the kitchen, but does nothing at all.

If you don't like something, if you are resentful of injustice, the best way to deal with negative emotions is to do something about it. Write a letter to Mikhail Zhemchuzhny. Transfer 10 rubles to the account of the website Charter-97. Join the protest against environmentally harmful production. Inform independent media about violations of law and human rights. Come to Kurapaty for two hours. Do something. And you'll feel better at once.

Denis Kazakevich, Facebook