19 May 2019, Sunday, 16:49
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Human Rights Activist Vialichkin And Activist Kazak Detained In Brest


An administrative process has been started against the Brest residents.

Viasna human rights activist Uladzimir Vialichkin and activist Vitaly Kazak have been summoned to the Leninski district police department today and have not left it. An administrative process for holding an “unauthorized mass event” has been started against the Brest residents, both of them detained till the trial, Belsat reports.

After an hour and a half of his stay at the police station, Vialichkin was detained and sent to the Brest detention center, he will be tried on Monday.

Vital Kazak found himself in the detention center three hours after he arrived to the police department.

“There’s nothing to detain me for, but the police have already promised me that I will stay here until Monday. I have to put the phone down, this is demanded by the police officer,” – the only thing Vital Kazak managed to say.

It is known that the administrative process against Kazak is held by Dzmitry Seliaykovich from the Leninski district police department of Brest, who is notorious for his repression against activists and journalists.

We remind that last Sunday, February 10, after the traditional feeding of pigeons at the central square of the city, the Brest residents silently walked along pedestrian Savetskaya street to the Belarus cinema – in this way they protested against the launch of the battery factory.

At their request, a cover of the song “Live” was switched on near the cinema. Vialichkin and Kazak were accused of organizing the procession.

“This is another pressure on the battery plant opponents from the side of the authorities. Uladzimir Vialichkin could not take part in the rally. This is a gross violation of the law,”– human rights activist Raman Kisliak said.