12 August 2020, Wednesday, 1:01
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Aliaksei Marachkin: “Moscow Nuremberg” Must Take Place

Aliaksei Marachkin: “Moscow Nuremberg” Must Take Place

The preparation for the International Conference on decommunisation of Belarus is taking place in Minsk.

According to the Chairman of its Working Group, artist and social activist Aliaksei Marachkin, a kind of “Moscow Nuremberg” must take place, because Moscow was not only the capital of the Soviet Union for a long time, but the center of the world communism, Radio Racyja reports.

Marachkin reminds that this process has already taken place in many countries of the former USSR and the Soviet bloc and the communist ideology and symbols are banned there. But not in Belarus:

– The Popular Front started its activities under the slogan of decommunisation, we are against the Communist dictatorship. We will hold a meeting of social activists on these issues at the beginning. We will determine the date of this meeting, the main issues and questions that are to be addressed. The time has come.

According to Aliaksei Marachkin, it is planned that this public event will be held next autumn, probably in November. Its main idea and purpose is to tell about the crimes that were committed during the communist era. This is especially important now, when neo-bolshevist, Stalin forces have raised their heads and are trying to take revenge.