19 May 2019, Sunday, 16:52
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Salaries In Haradok: Chiefs' Heads Rolled


The authorities transfer debts from one unprofitable enterprise to another.

“In connection with the latest events in Haradok, heads have already rolled. Yesterday, the director of local housing and utility department wrote a letter of resignation, as well as several other employees of the company. This is due to the merger of housing and communal services company with the local construction company, the Mobile Mechanical Division-51, which the media have been writing about in recent days. All the debts of the bankrupt construction organization went to housing and communal services. So, the director could not bear it. It will soon be the same as with the MMD,” – a journalistic source said to Charter97.org.

The Charter97.org website decided to clarify the situation and called the accounting department of the housing and communal services of the city. Employees confirmed the information about the merger of the housing and communal services department with the unprofitable MMD, but, unfortunately, refused to confirm the information about the director and workers' dismissals.

It is known that tomorrow the workers of the MMD-51, where salaries have not been paid since November, will meet with Deputy Prosecutor-General of Belarus Aliaksandr Dubau.

As Charter97.org previously reported, the workers of the Haradok MMD-51, one of the largest construction companies in the region, recently turned to the media.

It has turned out that they have not been paid since November 2018. The builders have been going to work for several months, but their families do not see the money.


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