19 May 2019, Sunday, 16:53
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Mahiliou Stowaway Angry About Ticket Collector Not Paying Fares


The incident ended in a fight in the bus.

Recently, two residents of Mahiliou complained to the police that an angry bus passenger attacked them. When the police started clarifying the circumstances, an interesting story was outlined. It turned out that the man had quarreled with the bus ticket collector (why does she have a free ride all day long?!), and when two passengers stood up for the woman, he attacked them. Now he is waiting for a decision: either a criminal case will be started or dropped, writes onliner.by.

In the Department of Internal Affairs of the Mahiliou region they say that this misunderstanding with light bodily harm happened on February 17. In the evening, the police dispatch center received a call from a bus working at one of the city routes. Two passengers, 23 and 26 years old, reported that they were beaten by a man. The police went to the scene, they managed to detain the rowdy.

It turned out that the 30-year-old drunk citizen without prior convictions, having entered the bus, immediately put the question: why does the ticket collector drive for free? No one could explain this injustice to the passenger. Therefore, he himself refused to pay because he was unemployed.

Two men stood up for the ticket collector. Furious drunk stowaway attacked them. According to the protocol, he beat one of them with fists and feet, and hit the other one in the face. Then he decided not to go any farther and tried to get off the bus, but was detained.

The question of starting a criminal case is being considered at the moment.