19 May 2019, Sunday, 16:45
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Nuclear Physicist: Belarusian NPP Ordered From Rosatom Is Defective


It seems that the problem of radioactive waste from the Belarusian NPP and spent nuclear fuel has not been resolved.

Lukashenka signed decree #70, which corrects the previous document regarding the safety rules of operation of the Astravets NPP. Under the new wording, the authorized state bodies will receive the right to control radioactive contamination without a license.

Moreover, public hearings on NPP safety issues are envisaged. What are the reasons for such measures? Belsat addressed these questions to nuclear physicist Andrei Ozharovsky:

“The decree does not provide for anything concrete. I would like a public discussion on all the objects planned for construction. And now the nuclear power plant, in the situation in which it was ordered from Rosatom, is defective. There are no facilities for the storage of spent nuclear fuel, or rather, there are, but not enough. This is what should first be worked out somehow, then built, and somewhere in the process public hearings need to be held. Let's see how the authorities will come out of all this. [...] I think that the emergence of this decree is due to the fact that the problem of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel has not been resolved. ”