19 May 2019, Sunday, 16:53
For our and your freedom!

Mikola Kupava: Belarusians Can No Longer Live Without Oxygen


The events that the future have in store for us are as significant as the ones that happened 30 years ago.

“In support of the perestroyka”. Under such name, the demonstration took place in Minsk 30 years ago, organized by the Belarusian Popular Front. It was the first political opposition rally that condemned the rule of the communist party in the former USSR and the Soviet Belarus.

Belsat talked about the beginning of the political revival of our country with the then member of the Soym of the Belarusian Popular Front Party and the rally participant, artist Mikola Kupava.

- 40 thousand people without cell phones, social networks and riot police. Everything is organized, and most importantly - with the permission of the authorities. How was this possible?

- At that time it was possible because we felt strong already, and the authorities hesitated. The people protested, because no one could be silent. That event brought an abyss, buty is brought result as well.

- Back then, 40 thousand people came. Today, 400 people usually come to mass actions. Why? Are the people tired? Scared of repressions? Or have the Belarusian tolerance won?

- Then, when they came 30 years ago, - they wanted freedom. They no longer wanted to live in this barrack. The events that the future have in store for us are as significant, because people can no longer live without oxygen.