19 May 2019, Sunday, 20:42
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Lukashenka To Naskevich: Neither God Nor People Will Forgive Us


The dictator has heard the report of the Chairman of the Investigatory Committee.

On February 21, Lukashenka heard the report of Chairman of the Investigatory Committee of Belarus Ivan Naskevich, the dictator's press-center reports.

''Recently, especially in connection with those doctors, those villains, who fed kids in schools and stole from them, there have been such waves in the society, like, ''probably it was wrong to send doctors to jail.'' Everyone is equal before the law, but we need to reckon with one thing: neither God nor people will forgive us if we punish an innocent person. If we cannot prove it, let's leave this person at peace. If he is a villain, he will get to jail one way or another, '' the dictator said. ''

''However, if we are firmly convinced that this person committed a crime, he will serve the full punishment. Especially if we are talking about a state official, a man in epaulettes (this is one and the same in the actual fact) — we will multiply by two,'' Lukashenka stated. ''I am carefully watching the work of the Investigatory Committee. Of course, I worry because we once dared for quite decisive steps on modernizing and in fact reforming our law-enforcement agencies. Investigation has been detached from any other agencies and occupies a separate leading place, becsuse you are on a finishing line, you give result,'' the dictator pointed out.

According to Lukashenka, a session dedicated to the work of the entire law-enforcement block will be held in the near future, during which the work of the investigatory body will be considered in detail.

''Doctors' Case''

Important to note, in the summer of 2018, mass detentions in the sphere of health care took place. According to the KGB Chairman Valer Vakulchyk, the bribes taken amounted to $350K. Not only health care workers, but also functionaries, employees of commercial structures appeared behind the bars. According to the investigation, they bribed the doctors so that a medical institution would by equipment from them.

According to the Prosecutor General's Office, in January 2019 93 people remained in the status of accused or suspects: 30 health care officials and 63 owners (founders), workers of commercial structures. By the sentence of the court, ex-Head of the Republican Scientific Practical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics Aliaksandr Bialetski got 7,5 years of imprisonment. Deputy Minister of Health Ihar Lasitski — 6 years of imprisonment in a reinforced-security colony with property confiscation.

In April 2017, Siarhei Barysevich, the ex-head of the Main Directorate of Consumer Market, was detained on suspicion of corruption.

“What happens: in the hero-city of Minsk, they feed the children with waste in schools! In nine districts, nine criminal groups collect handouts from school chefs and those who provide school meals. They brought money to the villain in envelopes! - Lukashenka was outraged then by a scheme organized with the participation of Barysevich.

The official was accused of taking bribes, as well as of inducing another person to abuse his official position. The list includes dozens of episodes of bribes from the directors of the school food mills in the Central (total amount of bribes is about 91 thousand rubles), Pershamaiski (30 thousand), Partyzanski (17 thousand), and Zavodski (32.6 thousand) districts of Minsk. The bosses of the school food mills (some of them have already been convicted) collected money from the production managers of canteens of schools and colleges. In exchange for regular payments, Barysevich promised a reduction in the number of monitoring activities by the Main Directorate of Consumer Market and the “non-response to the violations found.”

Barysevich admitted guilt partially, stating that the gifts had been handed over to the upper management, as well as part of the amounts were transferred the same way.

According to him, the money went to Andrei Damaratski, who then held the position of deputy chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee and oversaw trade. Damaratski was detained in May 2018. In court, where he testified as a witness for the time being, the former official stated that he had not received any illegal rewards.