20 September 2019, Friday, 9:42
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Russian World’ Promoted Through Belarusian TV-Channels

Russian World’ Promoted Through Belarusian TV-Channels

The Belarusian Association of Journalists has presented a monitoring of the pro-Russian propaganda.

A monitoring of the pro-Russian propaganda in the Belarusian media has been presented in Minsk. The results and conclusions of the monitoring have been voiced by Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Bastunets and member of the monitoring group, journalist Maxim Zhbankou, the website baj.by informs.

— We did not have a mission to surprise someone. The aim of the monitoring was to assess and calculate the presence of the pro-Russian propaganda in the Belarusian informational space, as there have been not many precise researches in this field yet.

One of the main conclusions of the monitoring is that the promotion of the “Russian World” is conducted mostly through the Belarusian TV-channels, included in the all-republican social set, — said Chairman Andrei Bastunets.

According to media expert Maxim Zhbankou, who participated in the monitoring, the enforcing of the Russia-centrism in the media occurs not only during the coverage of political events, but in general, through the content made in Russia.

— The enforcing of the Russianity is happening at three levels. This is not only political statements and chronicle, but also Russian-centered presentation of the global information, Russian experts. As well as entertainment content produced in Russia. It seems that the Belarusian TV-channels create a Russian-centric picture in the heads of the audience, using the same templates and manuals, on a centralized basis, — says Maxim Zhbankou.

The monitoring authors said that the study will be conducted over the next three years.