25 May 2019, Saturday, 23:30
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Lukashenka Promised Joint Response With Russian Federation If US Deploy Missiles In Europe


The dictator has stated that the Kremlin has not violated the INF.

Lukashenka has expressed concern about the possible deployment of missiles by the United States in Europe.

The BelTA agency reports about that.

Lukashenka stresses that he believes the Russian side that it has not violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).

As for the potential threat to the security of Belarus, Lukashenka stresses that “this (the dissolution of the INF Treaty) is a catastrophe, especially for us.”

“I’m afraid that the Americans will take advantage of the moment – they have defeated this treaty and will place missiles in Europe. It will give a hard time for us as well. Therefore, we will have to think about the response measures together with Russia. It cannot be helped, if such a thing happens. And it will be worse, if these missiles are placed (God forbid, theoretically) on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, my answer is unequivocal: I am categorically against (the dissolution of the INF Treaty),” – he said.

Lukashenka has expressed the opinion that NATO may go for the deployment of such missiles in Europe: “It seems to me that although the North Atlantic Alliance declares that they are not going to deploy these missiles in Europe, it’s just a bluff. Otherwise, why to withdraw? Why did they destroy this treaty?” – he said.

We remind that the leader of the European Belarus civil campaign Andrei Sannikov said in an interview to Charter97.org that Russia could deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus.