25 May 2019, Saturday, 23:40
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Dynama HC Players May Become First In Belarus To Receive ‘500 Bucks Each’


The dictator threatened to cut the wages of hockey players to $500.

The cadets of the Military Academy raised the sport issues during the meeting with the dictator. The dictator promised to cut the wages of hockey players to $500 in case of poor performance, his press-center reports.

“We have spent millions of US dollars on them [HC Dynama Minsk], and where are they now? Belaruskali stopped financing them. That was the right thing to do, otherwise the company would go bankrupt. What is to pay for? If they win, they will be paid. If they lose, they will get $500,” Lukashenka said.

Sport issues came up during the meeting when cadets asked about the performance of the Belarusian team at the Dakar rally. The president expressed confidence that the Belarusian team would improve its level in the coming years and would go up in the standings.

One of the cadets suggested sending Belarusian teams to other prestigious racing competitions. The head of state noted that he is ready to support the idea if there are people who will be able to perform well, not just demand money. “I am ready to support everything that concerns sport, endurance and the demonstration of our spirit, but not as ususal – they come to me saying, give me some huge money, buy me this and that, and I will give it a try,” Aliaksandr Lukashenka said.