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‘Situation With His Consciousness, Affairs In Country Deteriorates Day By Day’

‘Situation With His Consciousness, Affairs In Country Deteriorates Day By Day’

Lukashenka has lost touch with the reality.

Lukashenka criticized the school programs in mathematics and biology at the session dedicated to the educational issues on February 1.

According to the dictator, Belarus doesn’t need so many mathematicians, while the knowledge of mathematics should be a rarity, not global commons.

“I repeat once again: a mathematician is a rarity. Let's train mathematicians somewhere in the elective courses (not at schools).”

Lukashenka has also demanded from the officials of the Ministry of Education so that biology should not be studied in such detail at schools. Instead of it, the ruler claimed the necessity to devote more time to physical culture and labor education.

Why, in the era of digital economy and informatization of the most important processes within the society, mathematics fell in such a disfavor with the dictator?

Teacher with many years of experience, coordinator of the steering committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party in Vitsebsk Tatsiana Seviarynets is answering the questions of the website Charter97.org:

- I heard this speech by Lukashenka. I can say that we witnessed just another splash of systemless, disconnected emotions, which had nothing to do with the analysis of a school academic program.

Lukashenka remains highly unprofessional in any sphere which he is trying to be engaged in. I think in this case he formed an opinion about the school program basing on his son Kolya’s revelations. He just called various subjective impressions an “analysis of the issue”.

We have already gone through this when the dictator stated school kids had to get up too early. The same as then, Minister of Education Ihar Karpenka is ready and willing to follow orders. That is why, although no “reforms” have been promised, our school is expecting some very “hilarious” times.

You know, our scientists and methodologists do not have time to develop a school curriculum adequate for their time. Because conflicting signals are constantly emanating from Lukashenka. As a result, we have complete didactic and methodical chaos.

The dictator forgets a simple truth: a baker should bake pies, a shoemaker should stitch boots, and a proletarian “should not be running the country, but own business, cleaning the stables” (a quote by M. A. Bulgakov — Edit.).

In our case everything happens exactly the opposite. A person who imagines that he is jack-of-all-trades, but does not even have a slightest idea about the education system and the work of a teacher, begins to publicly discuss these topics.

When I, a teacher with 36 years of experience, who had seen all sorts of perturbations in my lifetime, heard the words of Lukashenka about mathematics and biology, I understood: the problem is progressing and the situation with his consciousness and affairs in the country is deteriorating day by day .

- What about the real state of affairs in the system of education?

- Approximately as bad as at the February 1 session on the education issues. Textbooks are hideous, some of them are written with severe factological and spelling mistakes. Most likely, they were approved without proper editing.

There is total mishmash in the academic program. I think, it’s precisely mathematics and languages that should be the school’s priority. Other subjects should be learned in correspondence with the abilities and aptitude of every student.

Instead of this, Lukashenka prefers rushing down the Soviet roadless terrain, for all it’s worth. Our system of education is thrown from side to side at rough spots, depending on the mood with which the dictator comes to yet another session. School turns into some playground for one person. It will come to the situation when kids will be forced to read books in the short breaks between various sports classes soon.

As for the motivation and wages of teachers, I don’t want to even talk about it – a janitor in an executive office earns more.

- How is Lukashenka, given such approaches to education and dislike for maths, going to build an IT-country, which he has repeatedly declared?

- He does not know what an IT economy is. He just cracked a couple of fashionable terms and flaunts them to show his “modernity”.

But there is nothing modern in it: Lukashenka has already become completely covered with mothballs and has lost touch with reality. His reasoning about mathematics is the most recent example.

And this hopelessly obsolete person is also going to participate in the “election” for the next term. I think you have to be crazy to take him seriously, his words, his “projects”.

Lukashenka does not build any “IT country” - he is trying to build a large collective farm. Instead of sitting back at the school bench and learning from the experience of countries where the economy is developing successfully, the dictator is rushing towards his own dead end.

Everything this man touches turns into an ugly caricature. As the saying goes, “Everything that a fool does, he does it wrong.” The the project called “IT economy” is to bring the same result.

- Is there a need to increase the number of lessons of physical culture and labor education, as Lukashenka demands?

- You know, in our time there were 2 hours of home ec. per week - a paired lesson that was scheduled on one of the days. And that was enough.

Thanks to this, I now know how to fix a socket, make some woodwork necessary in the household, cut it out with a jigsaw, work with a saw, cut, sew clothes, cook the famous borsch.

Two hours a week were enough for this. So, when one hour of home ec. is left in the secondary school now, and six hours a week are being introduced in high school, this is an absurd way that does not justify itself. Schoolchildren are simply separated from the normal academic process for the whole day. This is all senseless. A waste of money and time - both for schoolchildren and for teachers.

- Austrian writer August Kubizek, recalling Hitler’s biography, notes that the future dictator and war criminal was at odds with mathematics and the natural sciences. Do you think this is just a coincidence?

- I think that dictators have common problems with consciousness and psyche. And mathematics and biology - this is secondary.

My mother, who had unique mathematical abilities, used to repeat that mathematics is the queen of sciences. Thanks to her, although I am a pure humanitarian, I love and understand logic and mathematics.

For clarity of consciousness, a person must respect mathematics and be interested in it. Mathematics puts brains in order. But if there is no gray matter - what can be put in order?

- As an experienced teacher, how would you assess Lukashenka’s activities?

- Total, absolute “unsatisfactory” without the right to retake. For all this time, he has finally proved his professional inappropriateness. His rhetoric repels even those who previously considered it “natural” and “popular”.

So many promises to the electorate turned out to be a lie that another tirade - be it on education, politics or economics - already annoys those who once voted for him.


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