17 July 2019, Wednesday, 22:45
We are in the same boat

Pay and Dance

Iryna Khalip

There is still a lot to work on for the government, it will be enough to replenish the treasury.

Well, good job, guys. It's high time to do that. I support the government as never before. This is a very wise decision. It's a pity that it's underdeveloped. Well, the first step is the hardest. After all, seventy percent of all decrees amend previous ones. That's what we pay for.

Resolution No. 49 of January 24 finally introduces the official withdrawal of money from the population for street actions. Officially, it's payment for work of the police and communal services cleaning the streets. At the same time, contributions to the Social Security Fund (SSF) are also included in wages of utility workers, i.e. organizers of a street actions are fully responsible for their maintenance. However, organizers and other citizens have already paid with taxes for work of the police and utility workers, as well as those from the government, who endlessly adopt new resolutions on amendments to previous ones. But we're not greedy, we're gonna pay them twice or thrice, or as many times as they say. Because we stand for peace.

Well, it's a good initiative, the right one. 250 basic units for an event of more than a thousand people - it is, as ads say, a reasonable price. But, as usual, the resolution was not properly prepared, but was written down on a napkin during another banquet. Because if they were sober, a better variant would have already been invented.

Why should we pay twice to policemen who stand along the perimeter during a conventional event, and shouldn't pay twice to those who serve on the streets at that time, though we are walking along the same streets? What is their fault? For the sake of justice, I propose to install pay-gates at every entrance, like in the subway, so that every citizen had to pay when going outdoors. After all, the police protect order, which means that every passer-by is safe, and janitors clean the streets in all weather. That's a luxury one has to pay for. To pay a little - for example, one basic unit. Tokens valued of one basic unit can be bought in the subway or ordered online. When buying for an amount equal to the ministerial salary, courier delivery is free. Families with many children have discounts. Bed patients are free of charge in general; let them walk until they are blue in the face.

By the way, you have to pay to enter the house too - water flows through pipes there, lamps are blinking invitingly, the john is making a joyful noise, welcoming the host. And it's all being watched by special people. Just don't say that we already pay them all with taxes. If the police and janitors need to be paid extra, why should power and gas people live in poverty? We are a social state; it takes care of every person.

Oh, and medicine must remain free. But pay-gates must also be installed at the entrance to clinics and hospitals. After all, taxes are an abstract salary for doctors, and it is impossible to establish personal participation of every citizen in it. But at the very moment when you come to a polyclinic, doctors will deal directly with your problems. So we're going to spend money in accordance with the regulation.

The same should be done in schools and kindergartens. Parents will give their child a token to enter the school. Parents will pay for their children in kindergartens: kids are too small and they will immediately change their tokens for candies or bury them as a secret in the garden.

In general, there is still a lot to work on for the government, but the course is right. Money will replenish the treasury. It will be enough for a couple of thousand other cottages in Drazdy.

Jokes aside, let them eat their order. I can't remember any applications submitted to the city executive committee to hold Marches of Angry Belarusians against the parasite decree. They were real protests. Such actions are in no way compatible with authorizations. Do you remember "silent rallies"? Can you imagine, for example, that before December 19, 2010 Statkevich, Nyaklyaew and Sannikov addressed the City Executive Committee for permission to gather at the Square? Can you imagine Volha Mykolaichyk holding an officially authorized picket and accompanied by policemen she paid and men with brooms? Of course not.

All our squares, all our marches, all our rallies and pickets have nothing to do with authorizations. Protests during the dictatorship are not allowed - they are only imitation. So if anyone wants to dance and wave balloons - pay and dance.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org